Class Action Suit Against Santander

By | October 16, 2009

U.S. District Court Southern District Of Florida (Miami …
Banco Santander S. A. et al Date Filed: Jan. 26, 2009 Nature of suit: 850 Securities/Commodities Assigned to: Judge Paul C. Huck Cause: 15:0078 Securities Exchange Act Jurisdiction: Federal Question 2009 1 CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT against HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Ireland) Ltd.,

Madoff Lawsuit List – OakBridge Insurance Services
{For additional lawsuits against related defendants/parties, see Table IV below} Banco Santander S.A.; Banco Santander Investment Securities LLC from inception until December 11. 2008 {In re: Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC} [Class Action for Declaratory Judgment]

Report No. 51/10
Filed a classaction suit against the Nation -the Ministry of National Defense-, with the Third Section of the Administrative Tribunal of Cundinamarca. That tribunal, on Humberto Quintero Santander (two suits), Nelson Ascanio Castilla, Francisco Franky Pérez, José del Carmen

Madoff Victims' Lawyers Establish Global Alliance In Madrid
Cremades's firm became involved in the Madoff mess in late January when it joined Labaton in a class action suit filed against Spanish banking giant Banco Santander in U.S. district court in Miami. Subsequent to the class action filing, Santander,

class action lawsuits related to the merger were filed against the Company, of any member of the Class in any other litigation against any of Defendants which challenges the Settlement, such suit, action or proceeding shall be brought,

United States District Court District Of Massachusetts STACEY …
This is a putative class action lawsuit arising from Banco Santander de Puerto Rico v. Lopez-Stubbe (In re Colonial Mortgage Bankers Corp.), 324 F.3d 12, 15 (1st Cir. 2003). ambiguities against the drafter, support their position. They

Plaintiff PK Fenske-Buchanan filed suit against Bank of America and others, alleging several federal and state law claims arising from her mortgage loan Plaintiff Charles Beard filed a class action against Santander Consumer USA, Inc. (Santander), alleging

International Investors Join Forces In Support Of Lawsuit …
Officially known as Stichting Investor Claims Against Fortis, has filed suit in Utrecht in a consortium with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Spain’s Banco Santander Central. historic 2007 Royal Dutch Shell class action settlement in the Netherlands valued at more than USD $450

Consolidated amended class action complaint jury trial demanded _____/ ackerman, link & satory, p.a. 2525 suit filed by the sipc trustee prematurely to law against the santander defendants

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One such class action suit against Fiserv Inc. seeks up to $1 billion in damages. Key to perform adequate due diligence when investing client money into Madoff-linked feeder funds. On May 26, 2009, Banco Santander, which funneled $3 billion of its clients’ money to Madoff, agreed to

Consumer News Alert Case Update
Class certification reversed. In a suit over defective side-impact air- itself from liability by banning its customers from bringing class actions against it. Scott v. Cingular Wireless, 161 P.3d 1000 court under the Class Action Fairness Act was objectively reason-able.

PRESS RELEASE International Investors Join Forces In Support …
Against Fortis Over Massive Misrepresentation Ahead of officially known as Stichting Investor Claims Against Fortis, has filed suit in Utrecht Civil Court seeking declaratory Shell class action settlement in he Netherlandst valued at more than USD $450 million,

SANTANDER CONSUMER USA INC. and DRIVE v. CIVIL ACTION NO. 08-11778-MBB MARK WALSH, INOFIN, INC, DRIVE USA 1, INC. DRIVE USA 2, INC. DRIVE USA 3, INC. and DRIVE USA 4 opposed application 657 for international class 036. Plaintiffs also instituted suit against defendants in the

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